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I once heard that playing word games and solving puzzles can help keep your memory sharp. I didn't bother finding out if it was true, because it was all the justification I needed. It is essential to keep playing if I want to keep my wits!

I also feel that it is my duty to help the world, and so I create free games from time to time, and list them here. Feel free to play to your hearts content, all while knowing that we are doing something that will help us keep our marbles… hopefully.

My Games


ScramIt is a fast-paced word scramble that will have you wracking your brain as you try to beat the clock! It will have you saying, "Scramit! I was so close!"

ScramIt Screenshots
Screen shot of ScramIt starting screenScreen shot of ScramIt game playScreen shot of ScramIt game in progress

ScramIt is still being developed, but it is playable and a lot of fun! Just keep in mind some things might change before it's complete, so check in often to see how it's shaping up!

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PhourWord is a fun and challenging word game where you try to guess four words that share letters. Compete with your friends to see who can score the highest! Can you guess all four words?

PhourWord Screenshots
Screen shot of PhourWord instruction screenScreen shot of PhourWord game playScreen shot of PhourWord Game Summary

Drag and drop letters to arrange four words that share each other’s start and end letters. If you’re just not seeing it, get a hint! Though it will cost you a few points if you do. You can submit guesses as many times as you like, and only lose points for letters in the wrong places. Solving the puzzle using only a single submission will earn you bonus points!

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